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Community Service and Professional Development Go Hand-in-Hand

Optimist International, a 95-year-old community service organization dedicated to providing hope and positive vision to children in order to bring out the best in kids, is introducing a new concept in community service.

For the first time, community service and self-improvement/professional development come together to provide a volunteer experience second to none. Individuals involved in this program will enjoy the ultimate volunteer experience. While providing much needed service to the youth in their community, volunteers will have the opportunity to be involved in professional development/self-improvement programs designed to assist them in their career and personal development.

This program was developed with today’s young professional in mind. It provides them with a volunteer experience that allows them the opportunity to actually practice professional development and leadership skills within a real-life laboratory, in the form of a club made up of like minded volunteers.

An integral part of this program is Optimist International’s self-paced, ten-step program each member is encouraged to use to help improve their professional and leadership skills. This program offers the following benefits:

• Provides members with new professional development skills and ideas.
• Offers personal growth opportunities to each member.
• Allows club members to be recognized and appreciated for personal
and professional accomplishments.

• Gives members an opportunity to participate in long-term club involvement while learning about the Optimist organization and developing their professional and leadership skills.

For more information on how to start a program in your community call 404.262.7832.

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