Purse Snatching for JOOI

We will be having a “Purse Snatching” for JOOI at Columbus.

For those of you not familiar with the concept.  It works like this: Ladies from the district have donated purses to be set up and bid on at the conference. The purses will be placed on a table in the House of Optimism along with a bid sheet. You bid on the purse or purses you are interested in and on Sunday morning at breakfast we will announce the winners. It’s a great way to get a new purse and help out our JOOI clubs as well.

Purse Pins

Purse Pins are sold as a fund raiser for the Women’s Philanthropy council as we help Optimist help kids. The council was formed to support the work of the Optimist International Foundation. Members reach out to women as donors and help shape their philanthropy. It is not surprising that women bring a different perspective to their giving than men do. Research shows that women tend to give where they believe they make a difference with their gift—regardless of the amount of the gift.

What We Do:

  • Fund two Club Grants annually for the Optimist International Foundation.
  • Fund a girl’s oratorical scholarship in an Optimist District.
  • Present a workshop related to women and giving at the Optimist International Convention.
  • Main contacts with women who have an affinity for Optimist and its programs.
  • Be available to discuss women’s giving concerns on a District, Zone, or Club level.
  • Provide funds to Optimist International Foundation, which help support every international Program of OI.
We should have a “Purse of a Good Kind” in Columbus!!
Rose Kohler
GATEway Optimists