Laurel Canyon Optimist Club

Laurel Canyon Optimist Club members and meetings.

Meetings are the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month at The Little Canyon Café located at the Fairways of Canton Golf Club,  400 Laurel Canyon Parkway Canton, Georgia 30114, from 11:30am to 12:30pm. Lunch can be purchased for $10.00 though you are not required to have lunch. Club meetings feature good fellowship and interesting programs. Come joins us and help to “Bring Out the Best in Kids”.


“I joined the Optimist Club to be able to provide a positive influence on the children in our community. The two clubs I have been a member of since 1996 have done just that and touched thousands of kids in the area. Not only are the kids being impacted, their parents and other adults in the community are also being influenced by the way we, as Optimists, comport ourselves when doing service projects and fundraising activities. I think those most impacted, however, are the club members. The reciting of the Optimist Creed at the end of each meeting reminds us how to live our lives and to be a positive member of the community as a whole. Joining the Optimist Club was one of the best ‘life’ decisions I have ever made.”  – Bob Long, helped start the Laurel Canyon Optimist Club in 2008.

Cleveland, Frank
“I was invited and went to the first meeting of the Laurel Canyon Optimist Club. I was not yet retired, but close, and wanted to do some things I had not been able to do while I was working. At the first meeting I met Dave Gibbs, long time Optimist, and Bob Long, longer time Optimist. Both explained about the international club, goals to help the youth of the local community, and the creed. Everything seemed right up my alley. I had served as a parent volunteer in the Rockdale, Georgia county schools for 17 years and here was something to be involved in with the youth of Cherokee County. I have served faithfully for 4 years now. Through the club I became a CASACourt Appointed Special Advocate, for Cherokee Countyand have worked on the many projects of our club. For me there has been no greater fit. I believe in the club. I think the creed is right on. I cannot think of a better way to give back to the community than through the youth. They are the next leaders of the community!” – Frank Cleveland, President, Laurel Canyon Optimist Club.

Zavitz, Jim
“My interests are, and have remained such for more than half my life, the welfare, development and well-being of young people. Optimist International fulfills that in spades.”  – John Zavitz

Radall, Gerri
“I worked with children for 35 years in the teaching field. When I retired, I decided to join an organization that helps children, and the Optimist Club was perfect. I visited Ralph Bunche school and volunteered to read to a class of children. When I saw all the wonderful things the Optimist Club does for that school, it was very heart-warming. I am glad I am a member of such a valuable organization.” – Gerri Radell

Zameroski, Terry & Rosemary
“To whom much is given, much is expected”, When we retired last year and move to Soleil, we made a promise that we now had the time and the opportunity to give back for all of the great opportunities and gifts we have enjoyed during our 40+ years of marriage. We were blessed to live comfortably and provide for our son as he was growing up; and we now have the additional joy of sharing our gifts with our two beautiful grandchildren.

We are aware of the fact that there are many children who have not had the opportunity to have a loving and stable home which could provide all the necessities of life. We decided we wanted to see what we could do to make a difference.

By working with and being a part of Laurel Canyon Optimist Club we are able to raise money for the children of Cherokee County and, whenever possible, through programs like Must Ministries, Christmas Joy, Shop with a Cop, school supplies, and college scholarships help shape their lives in a positive way and along the way bring a smile to their face and joy in their hearts. This is why we became “Optimists“!  – Rosemary and Terry Zameroski

Ford, Dave & Helen
“We joined the Laurel Canyon Optimist Club because we wanted to give back to our new community by helping its children. In the almost four years that we have been members, we have been involved in a number of projects that directly or indirectly lead to the betterment of Cherokee youth. Through speakers at meetings, interactions with fellow members, fundraising events and hands-on activities with children, the Optimist Club has proved to be a very special, satisfying affiliation.” – Dave and Helen Ford

Walz, Jim
Optimists gives me an avenue to once again help young people get a head start.” – Jim Walz, President Elect

Alice Kuzniak, Amanda Langley, Lt. Gov. for the Atlanta Metro Area, Amber Maynard, the new Lt. Gov. for Atlanta Metro Area, Elizabeth Dreisbach, the new Governor for the GA District, a potential new member, and Camilla Callis.

Leedy, Jeri - speaker
Laurel Canyon Optimist Club meeting, above and below, with Jeri Leedy, above, speaking about our upcoming Wine Tasting.

Laurel Canyon Optimist Club Meeting

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