Marketing and Publicity

The purpose of this committee is to promote Optimist International, Districts, and local club brandings within our very own district. There is an identity crisis in our organization that has been created with homemade logos, slogans, etc.

Membership growth is critical now more than ever in our organization.  It is not all about getting recognition in an incentive program or Honor or Distinguished Club or District.  That should not be the incentive to introduce Optimism to new members.  Let us not lose sight of one of the real benefits of being an Optimist, which is improving the lives of our youth, our communities, and ourselves.  Please modify these to add your contact details:

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The Marketing Committee is trying to standardize ALL logos across the board with OI created logos. There are logos on the OI website for each club. These logos have been created in all shapes, sizes and specific colors that are to be used exclusively throughout. You can find them here under your club number:

Click Here For Your Logos To Download

This committee has also created some marketing materials for your club to use. New member information, who we are and what we do can be used for each club and can be catered to your specific programs. Please email Brenda Basey at

Download the Branding Powerpoint

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